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API NameTypeAuthVisibilityStatusVersionApps
Credit Card Application ServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Credit Interest Rates
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Credit Interest Rates API allows you to get current interest rates.

RESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Credit Payment PlanRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
CreditApplicationServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Exchange Rates ServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Find ATM ServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Find Branch ServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Fund Prices ServiceRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1
Stock ValuesRESTAPI KeyPublicEnabled1

Account Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate Limit
Public Plan
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The Public plan is the default Account Plan automatically assigned by the system to all new developers.

1000 hits / day10 calls / sec

API Plans

Plan NameQuotaRate LimitAvailability
Bronze API Plan
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The Bronze API plan provides an appropriate API service level for developers who are starting to build an application
Unlimited quotaNo rate limitN/A